Who Are we?

In May 2021, Hui-Shin Wong, the Founder, CEO and Virtual Mom/ Virtual Parent No. 1 who founded “All-Rounded Virtual Mom (Virtual Mom) - www.facebook.com/all.rounded.virtual.mom/” which aims to create 2.8 million virtual mom(s)/ virtual parent(s) positions worldwide to act as a “Mom” or a “Parent” remotely to guide and help the 5.6 billion misfortunate, orphanages or poor through “Virtual Mom” mobile apps (under development) with a mission “to nurture and cultivate quality next generations” for openness, resourcefulness and humane towards UN Sustainable Development Goals, 1) Good Health & Well-Being, and 2) Reduced Inequalities.

For those who are fortunate to have a wonderful life with good parents; no matter you are single or married, you are encouraged to submit your resume to apply for a virtual mom/ virtual parent position or any other available positions through the Facebook Page above to join this mission to form a better world.

Superior trainers and university professors who are excelling in Durable Family Development & Training are welcomed to join us to train a large group (>500) of certified trainers for virtual mom(s)/ virtual parent(s) through “Train-The-Trainer Program”. The ratio of a certified trainer to total number of trained and certified virtual mom(s)/ virtual parent(s) is 1:3000 or 1:5000.

For more information and any effective discussion, kindly contact the founder, CEO and Virtual Mom No. 1, Hui-Shin Wong directly!

People Who Are Unfortunate Folks In Year 20215.6 billion people
Mental Health Patients In Year 2017970 million people
Children With Single Parent & Orphanages In Year 2021720 million people




All-Rounded Virtual Mom (Virtual Mom)

Mission: To nurture and cultivate

quality next generations.